Why invest in Corporate Wellness?

Rising level of health issues and stress are no good for any individual, let alone the person working for your organization. Many leading companies who want to stay ahead in the race are implementing the "Corporate Wellness" module in their agenda of creating traction for their employees and open vacancies. The reason is simple enough, "A healthy workforce and culture equals better Productivity & Growth".

At the end of the day, you would want that your employees are at their 100% inorder to fight the daily endeavours and that's why, promoting the physical and mental wellness of your workforce, will make you the organization, people would want to join and continue with.

X-Heal Medica, a leading health care & wellness center, will provide you with the most beneficial healthcare programs for your employees. Our services range from age old authentic Ayurvedic therapies, Yoga and Meditation sessions to the latest in trend Zumba, Power bhangra and Pilates workshops.

3-D Wellness Program

A strategically excecuted effort to heal three essentials of well being.

Combination of Ancient Ayurvedic therapies and latest E-Wave Pain relief treatment to cure Back Pain, Neck Pain and Muscle stiffness because of long sitting hours.

Yoga sessions to increase the blood circulation to the nervous system and Custom diet plans to provide a good nutrition focusing mainly on your mental fatigue.

Chanting "OM" and many other age old prayers for 5 minutes can bring so much peace and serenity to your soul. It's all about doing it right and in correct routine & environment.

Customized Wellness Packages

Packages, Events, Healthcare talks or Subscriptions, we provide it all. You can choose from a list of individual wellness services to hype up your workplace with spontaneity and positivity.

Zumba Pilates Power Yoga Checkup Camps Meditation Workshops Aerobics Power Bhangra CrossFit